do you remember that one day when I was acting in your play? so I could save the day, you made me a warrior to protect you

tei tenpouin
aries | intp-t
chaotic neutral

likes: universe, k-pop, games, cats, languages, flowers, books
dislikes: deep sea, horror movies

did you ever once realize when you accepted my scars I was caught? that was enough for me to fall in love with you

main interests:
otome gamesidol gameswritingwebtoons

do you remember the first time you opened up that box of mine? I decided then I’d give myself to the small hand taking me out

idolish7: gaku yaotome, yamato nikaido

ikemen sengoku: nobunaga oda, mitsuhide akechi

ikemen revolution: fenrir godspeed, harr silver

nameless - the one thing you must recall: red

mystic messenger: choi saeyoung, han jumin

star-crossed myth: huedhaut

kissed by the baddest bidder: rhion hatter

our two bedroom story: tsumugu kido

rental boyfriends: taisuke nadauchi

tsukino paradise: shun shimotsuki, koki eto, eichi horimiya

b-project: killer king

dynamic chord: kyohso

ensemble stars: knights

A3: spring troupe, summer troupe

idolmaster side m: highxjoker

code:breaker: yuuki tenpouin, toki fujiwara

k project: fushimi saruhiko

bungou stray dogs: akutagawa ryuunosuke

fukigen na mononokean: everybody

vainglory: adagio, magnus, gwen

league of legends: soraka, rakan, ezreal

did you notice that every day I would always glance the same way? hoping that I would be able to catch your eyes meet mine

I'm shy but I love getting to know new people and making friendsI sound rude sometimes but it's not my intentionI'll probably follow you back if we share interestsI'm not a native english speaker so I'll probably make mistakesI tweet in portuguese sometimesI'm majoring in psychology so you'll see me tweeting about it (most of the time in portuguese)I'm depressed and anxious and feel alone most of the time so i'm always complainingsoftblock when unfollowingI'm not good at interacting with mutuals but I'll do my best

don't follow if:
you don't like otome games or idol gamesyou fit the usual dfi criteria

though I’m a doll, don't leave. I fell in love with you so please do not abandon me. every part of me was yours right from the beginning

if I hold you in my arms, don't be surprised. in the sky reaching far above us we’ll both start to fly, don't ever let go of my hand

twitter - fenrirdspeed
tumblr - gakyuu
curiouscat - shunderella